Saturday, January 5, 2013

The rematch

It hasn't quite been a week yet, but the Packers and Vikings will meet again tonight. For an insane moment I think, forget it, leave them out there. What are they going to do? It's not like they would just show up.... That's when it hits me. Damn right they would show up. Never shy Oton knows the way now.


I've sent the hubby to the store to empty the meat case of the cheapest hotdogs he can find. I figure a little barbque sauce and maybe some bacon grease from breakfast this morning and I'm good.

While he is gone, I haul out the table and benches although none of trolls sat last time. It's bitterly cold so I'll need the heater for sure. And here I thought that would only be used to work on the cars during the winter, HA! Now to tire out the dogs so they will be content to stay inside, away from the trolls. Instinct warns me my border collie mixes will be a dreadful idea at at a troll party.

Now, I just have to find that recording of that god awful Viking horn which would never be played on Packer home turf. I throw the hotdogs whole into a huge crock pot and try to relax. I have few hours to kill before the chaos begins. So don't let me forget to say this...

GO PACK GO. The playoffs are here. Amaetur hour is over. Now the real professionals will take their place in football history, and it better not be Minnesota.

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