Saturday, January 12, 2013

Almost ready

This time I didn't even make it all the way to the river before I found them trotting along the road on the way to my house. Each one carrying a bulging pack on his back full of god knows what. Oton, Twig, Uredd, Pod, Eog, Venn, Smekk, and yes Leaf along with six others piled in even before I had the door all the way open.

It took some explaining, but I finally convinced them we would eat at half time. Taking a whiff of the various pots and cauldrons, I'm really glad I had a light dinner before heading to the river. Ew! To keep order I put out the huge platter of donut holes. It was that or listen their grumbling bellies all through first half.

Excited would be an understatement for their state of mind. Twig is spinning around and around so anxious to get things started. Eog is pacing nervously while we wait for kickoff. Oton and Pod are demolishing the remaining donut holes. Another minute or two and there won't be anything left of the 50 or so treats, not even a sprinkle.

As I hoped the flags are a huge hit. At first I was worried I had made a colossal error. Flags were "thrown" on every move they made in mock play, but a few reminders of the rules and Oton dutifully tucked his in the pocket, the others following his lead soon after. Now if I can just keep control once the game starts. 

But all that pales in comparison to the look on Smekk's face when I pulled the pompoms from behind my back. I swear her smile wrapped back around her ears as she gently took them from my hands.

Yes, this is going to be a good night. Now if the dogs would stop barking...
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