Saturday, January 5, 2013

Here we go...

There they were, lined up like rags on a clothes lines each holding a soot encrusted cauldron of what I was afraid to ask. As always Oton was the first to speak.

"Thought you would never get here. We've been waiting since sundown. The others got tired and went back to the village. Twig, go get them."

"Wait a minute. This is our thing, just how many trolls are you intending to crash my party with?" Images of total destruction racing through my mind.

"Eleven, maybe twelve," he said with no sense of shame.

I was just about to put an end to the whole thing when I saw Twig returning with a pack of trolls. Leading the way with a twisted staff in her hands was Leaf. Instantly I was awe struck. Leaf the unique trolless of Elvsmyr wanted to come to my little football party.

"You were saying?" Oton said through a wicked grin.

"Never mind. Just get in, and keep your feet off the dash this time."
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