Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kickoff time...

Here we go! I play the obnoxious viking horn (still makes me a bit nauseous even if they are watching from a cushy chair somewhere).

Driving deep the kicker sends the ball downfield. The Packers take out the returner within yards. Not great, but it could have been worse.

Crash, they players end the play in a pile up that would put a serious hurting a normal human being. Next thing I know the flags are flying in every direction. Maybe not in San Francisco, but definitely in my garage. I may have to rethink this. Hmmm... I know

"Okay guys. See the rules are very structured. You can't see it on this puny television, but none of the men wearing black and white stripes can throw their flags until they are given a thumbs up from the master referee off screen." Okay so that's a lie, but give me a break.

"Ohhhhh," they all said in unison their eyes wide in wonder. 

Sure I feel bad, but if I have any hope of seeing the game I have to get a handle on things. "Okay, my husband here will act as master referee here in the garage." I say without clearing things with him. He jerks his head up and says, "No way, I'm watching on the good TV inside."

"Please," whine softly.

"Master, will you accept us a apprentice referees," Pod asks with great respect.

Who could turn down that face, all pudgy and smudged with soot. My hubby is no fool. This is his garage, his santuary so he agrees to take on the heavy mantle of master referee.

Now to the females. As I expected Leaf hangs back, her eyes calmly scanning the boisterous fans. I finally see her glance flick in my direction. My breath catches as she flashes a shy smile. I have to know more. If Oton is to be believed Leaf is very powerful, the sorceress of Elvsmyr right here at my troll party!

Suddenly Smekk is tapping me on my ankle. "I'm scared. Can you show me how to do this?"

I gently take the homemade cotton puff pompoms from her, and give her an idea of the moves. She grabs them back and happily joins the others ogling the screen.

I have to sign off now. I can't miss this playoff game. My blood does run green and gold after all. I'll update as I can.
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