Friday, August 9, 2013

August flowers

There are years when August in Wisconsin is blistering. Not this year. It's been cool, and quite wet which has provided for an explosion of plant life. I went to the river earlier today. Just to check on things. I like to make my way down trails not always taken ... just to check on things. It's always changing along the river.

Ah, the milkweed pod. A plant so important in the ecosystem for the monarch butterfly among other species.
 Queen Anne Lace comes on strong in late summer. Readers of Blue on the Horizon will understand the importance of this member of the carrot family.
Even the thistle is stunning-- from a distance.
Don't ask me what they are called, but tiny little beauties were everywhere.
Then there are the berries that popped out from flowers already displayed on the blog in earlier posts.
At first, I thought this to be a troll head, but no, just a seed head, all fuzzy and white.
Troll! Oh no, I'm late for the Packer Pre-game Party. I'll have to fill you in tomorrow. Tonight, I party with the trolls.
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