Thursday, August 1, 2013

Photography Contest

Every year my employer ... yes, I dwell under the authority of an employer just like you likely do. Anyway, my company puts out a calendar. Each year they choose a theme, not a good theme, but corporate, and well stuffy.
I think most of you would agree that I have a decent eye for photography, but that is when I'm choosing the subject. The theme of this year's calendar is: Trust.
Mull that over for a moment. How would you photograph trust? Have an idea. Okay, now add in a steely rule: no photos of pets or people. What did that do to your idea?

This is my submission.
As part of the entry, I must include a blurb:
Just like our customers, this mourning dove trusts me to provide nutritious food so it can stay in peak physical condition.
I won't win. I never have. My photos are not taken on my exotic vacation to a location the judges could never afford. I don't mean to sound snippy. In fact, I accept losing as a challenge. Just how good can I get without making it in?  

If you have followed the link to my website, you have likely seen the results of my 52-week photography challenge. I'm nearly two-thirds of the way through. I have learned a lot, and as I look through the list, I see growth in both my composition and technical skills. I'm not doing this alone. A friend in another state has joined me, week after week. Maybe she will let me share her link. Wouldn't you like to see what she took?

Contact me at, or leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you.
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