Monday, August 19, 2013


Today, I begin a series of blogs that will outline the characters of Blue on the Horizon. Those of you who have read this whimsical adventure story will easily recognize them as old freinds. Those of you who are still waiting ... ARE YOU CRAZY! This is an story you'll never forget. I can't tell you how many fans have told me that they have read the story more than once as they try to piece together the clues in preparation of the next book.  
You better get started, right now!

Gaven is a young trolless with an undeniable connection to the magic that courses through the ground beneath her feet. She has long kinky hair that she ties into knots that drape off her shoulder. Her tail is stubby and fluffy, not used for much at all. Her skin is drab, and a prominent wart adorns her nose She is quite lovely—by troll standards, but something is not quite right. Through some horrible act of fate, she is disfigured. Stricken with with eyes the color of the midday sky, Gaven becomes an outcast.  
Gaven is the main character, or protagonist, of Blue on the Horizon. Her life is lonely and difficult. Born at Torv, a poor village of peat miners, Gaven is the daughter of Lalman. Without friends, she finds ways to entertain herself alone in the dangerous marsh, but she can’t always avoid trouble. She routinely suffers the taunts of the Torvites who bully and sneer, but smell like fear.  Gaven dreams of leaving, living a life alone in the forest, but she refuses leave her father who suffers his own bullies. With nowhere else to go, Gaven spends her time roaming the bogs where she encounters Azool, the blue fairy of Torv.

Uredd has a luxurious tail that he intuitively uses as counterbalance as he moves athletically along the rocky banks of the thundering glacial river. He is a bit portly, but that is an admirable quality in a troll. Uredd was born at Breen, the wealthy village of gemstones. From birth, his mother, Hundstein, decrees him “the one”, but she fails to tell him what that means. He is over-confident and that causes him to ignore his studies. He wants only to be a seeker, one who searches for gems. Well, one other thing captures his attention: the promise festival where he hopes to attract the attention of a pretty trolless.
Uredd will survive a disaster, but left on his own, he will struggle to survive. Unprepared for life in the wild he quickly gives up, but he will be saved by his open heart.

Stump is an abandoned, infant dragon dying of exposure when Uredd finds him under a thorny bush. He is tiny, covered in silky, black scales with eyes that glint in bright light. At first, he is unable to communicate, but he is able to guide Uredd in subtle ways. When threatened he will transform into a tortoise to hide his true form. Once he takes tortoise form, Stump can easily communicate with Uredd. Dragons and trolls have a delicate treaty in place, and neither species trusts the other. Stump has the odd habit of closing his eyes and swaying. This perturbs Uredd who finds it rude.

Troika is a mysterious character who seems to be watching, but who is he? What does he want? He is terrified and haunted by visions of events still veiled in the mists. Friend or foe—only readers of Blue on Horizon know the truth about Troika.
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