Sunday, August 11, 2013

Packer Pre-Game #1

It was a warm August night. I decided to place the tv outside and fire up the grill. With a stack of wood ready to feed into the firepit, things were looking good. The hotdogs and kielbasa were ready, and I even sprung for 3 dozen chocolate covered donuts, but I should have thought things through.

First, the starters drove 86 yards to the cusp of the goal, but failed to capitalize. Okay, it is pre-season so I decided to focus on my guests.

Smekk was right there beside me, practically purring over her chosen warrior, Clay Matthews. I waved my hand in front of her face to break her gaze. She slapped it away and growled. "Do that again, and I'll bite it off." 

I stood, and wandered over to Oton and Pod. "How's it going guys?"
They both clamped their hands across their mouths and giggled. I was instantly on high-alert. "What are you two up to?" They shrugged and walked away.

A heartbeat later, their plan became clear. A whoosh, trailed by a streak a fire erupted from the firepit and quickly gained altitude. Damn, I had forgotten the left over bottle rockets and sparklers. "That's it! Game over, you're out of here." I gave Oton and Pod a kick in the rump as they slinked out the door.

Suddenly, I felt a tug on my shorts. "Same time next week?" Smekk's eyes were overflowing with tears.

My anger softened. I couldn't say no. "Let me think about it. I need to have a serious discussion with those scoundrels. If they agree to behave, we'll do it again."

Oh, don't worry. I have six moon cycles to make them pay. Don't worry about it one little bit," she said stomping across the yard.

Nobody gets between Smekk and her Clay.
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