Just a peek, you tell yourself. Ooh, this looks interesting. Wow. What a great photo. But who thinks like this? First one post, then another, and just one more before you click away. What an imagination, you say.

Welcome to my brain, I say.

A little over the top? Maybe, but I'm betting you (and my other fans) will never find another blog like this--anywhere. Do you live in a concrete jungle, but crave the wilds? Maybe you just like to look at beautiful photos of a place you will never go. Oh, I know, you hate football and you dream of escaping the endless bashing of bodies while still staying in touch with the super-fan in your life. Maybe, just maybe you are a wondrous creature, a extra special spirit: a reader. I have great news. I can please you all.

My name is Rebecca Ferrell Porter and I live in south-central Wisconsin-- smack dab in the center of what is called the Midwestern region of the United States. I didn't always live here. I grew up in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, but I left as soon as my pudgy feet could carry me. Not that I hated life in a tiny, artistic community on the edge of world, but it was too small and isolated to hold me. I call it my jump-off-the-cliff personality. 

Years went by, addresses peeled away, and I found myself a short drive from where I started. Well, I always said I would go home and live off my colorful past when I got old. So what if I came home decades sooner than I once thought I would? My inner child is still in charge, and she's not going to relinquish control any time soon.

So here it is, the inner workings of my wacky brain. I can take nearly any situation and weave it into a fantastical adventure. As an author, my thoughts are populated by my characters, and very few are human. So if you are searching for something out of the ordinary, follow me down this twisted path, but if you really want to see the world as I see it, buy my book. 

Come on, jump off that cliff with me. 
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