Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Night for the Big Boys

It was Packer Saturday night. I had everything ready long before the trolls arrived. I’ve learned what works … and what doesn’t on the menu, and how to keep them entertained during a long night of football. The truth is the trolls don’t care who wins the game; they are in it for the thrills of the sport. There’s a lesson there, but not while the Packers are on the field. This writer is in it to win it.

So like I said, I was ready for the party. No surprises were going to happen. I had it down. Famous last words—
A few minutes before kickoff, there was a bang on the door. Trolls are never subtle. I quickly opened the door to let them in before the whole neighborhood got a look at my football party guests.

“Hi Rebecca,” Oton chimed; a sloshing cauldron of sticky stew hit the concrete driveway.
“Hey Oton, come on in.” I didn’t even look up. I’ve grown so accustomed to the trolls of Elvsmyr that I knew exactly what to expect. Famous last words—

Smekk, Pod, Eog … they all filed in and started battling for the best seats, but Oton held his position. “We have one more tonight,” he said.
“That’s fine, plenty of food and what’s one more at this point,” I said.

“Folger, she said it’s okay. Come on, you are going to love this.”
I looked around for the new troll, but I couldn’t see anyone. Suddenly, my field of vision was blotted out by huge feet. I raised my eyes up and up and up. This was no tiny troll. Before me stood a hunched troll, massive and stooped, he appeared to be slouching to hide his true dimensions. “Oton, who’s your friend?” I said with through a plastered on smile.

“Rebecca, meet Folger. Folger, meet Rebecca. Let’s eat.” Oton rushed between my legs into the garage. I stood there waiting for the ogre before to speak.
He lowered his gaze, and shuffled his feet. “Oton said it would be okay,” he mumbled.

I studied him from fluffy head to massive toe; he seems docile enough. “Sure, come on in. It should be fun.”
Folger was a perfectly lovely guest. He was both polite and kind. Who cared if he had to stoop to fit under the garage door tracks? Folger took a seat on the floor at the back, and Eog quickly took up position on his shoulder. They seemed content to be a team, and I wasn’t about to interfere with the gargantuan troll’s peace of mind.

I turned my attention to the game. All I can say about the first half, is that I’m glad it still pre-season. Halftime came and we all bellied up to the buffet for scrumptious football fare. Halftime over, I’m here to watch the game. Suddenly, a once-in-a-season play unfolded before my eyes. Johnny Jolly, a sometimes troubled Packer was having a super game. The Rams, in the red zone attempt a pass to put a few points on the game board, but the play is busted up by the mighty Pack. To everyone’s surprise, Jolly bats the ball around and them pulls it in. As fast as a big man can, he pounded up field, not only stealing the ball from the Rams, but shoving it down their throats with a respectable return.
After I caught my breath, I looked back over my shoulder at the hulking Folger. Yes, it was a night for the big boys.

What to learn more about Folger and why Eog sits on his shoulder?
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