Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Successful Troll Party- even without the Packers

So game over and San Francisco goes on to the Superbowl.  In some small way, that makes me feel better about losing last week. However, as I thought might be the case Smekk was heartbroken.

 “Where is the Clay?” she asked her face twisted up in what I can only assume is the equivalent of a pout.

“Well, the Packers lost last week, remember? Clay’s season has ended.”

Suddenly she took on a look of terror, “was he killed?”

“What! No, he is perfectly fine. Somewhere he is watching this same game, safe in comfortable chair.”

“But he lost the battle,” she said still not understanding.

“Oh Smekk, this all just a game. The players are battling for honor and bragging rights. Clay and the others will be back in a few short months to play again.”

She started to relax and just to make sure I hit the button setting off that gnarly horn. She was quickly back in the swing of things shaking her pompom and cheering on her favorites.

As for our halftime meal, I hit the sweet spot. I watched as the walnuts disappeared by the fistful, but it was all the more rewarding when Leaf made her way to the table. She took in my choice of serving ware and her beautiful face blossomed into a smile. I gave her a little nod and handed her the last apple before Pod stuck it in one of his endless pockets.

Yes, even though my beloved Packers did not take the field, they can take some pride in being knocked out by the team which will represent the NFC in the big game. I have figured out what makes my troll friends happy, but the best was just as I was dropping them off at the river.

Leaf turned to me before hopping down out the truck and said, “I think you may be the one, yes, you may just be the one.”

Before I could ask what she meant she out the door and running across the valley. “The one? What does that mean?”

Only the wind responded with a sudden gust slamming the door shut. 

Now I have to wait two weeks for the big game to find out what that meant.

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