Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Big Hair

I've been busy editing old family photos for a hush, hush project. As I study these old photos for imperfections, my mind wanders. Some make me cringe at the thought that I share genes with these people, others are beautiful, but this one I had to share. 

I don't really know who they are, (sorry Mom, genealogy is your thing, not mine) but it appears that big hair was all the rage at this time. I have long hair, always have, but I almost never wear it up, not even at my wedding. Mom tells the story of her grandmother who had hair so long she could sit on it, and she always wore it up in a bun. Maybe hanging on to my long hair for, well forever, did come down through the blood. 

But let's relate this photo back to the now. Can you imagine how long it took to get that look? And all without "product". 
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