Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ten Signs it's time to start writing my next novel:

10. I awoke to a heavy frost, the first sign of the coming cold. 

9. Driving home yesterday, I noticed the birds were starting to form huge flocks, preparing to travel south for the winter.

8. A few nights ago, I had a dream and Lucy Lawless* told me to me, "stop stalling".

7. My football teams are struggling. Well the Green Bay Packers are doing okay, but only because their whole division is struggling.

6. My deadline for The Stoughton Press is looming.

5. I'm seeing quirks of my characters in the people in my everyday life.

4. I've filled my notebook with character profiles, settings, rules of magic, plot structure, and I've even scribbled key chapters.

3. My brain can no longer hold all the little details I have planned.

2. I can already see the book cover in my head.

And the number one sign it's time to start writing again ...

1. My protagonist is so real to me, I feel like calling her to ask her to dinner.

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