Friday, October 17, 2014

New Cover for Blue on the Horizon

I have exciting news as I begin writing book three in the Legends of the Aurora trilogy. The new cover art is complete and I'm ready to relaunch my quirky legend, Blue on the Horizon

I like my original cover, and many of you have told me you did too, but the honesty of child pushed me to seek professional help ... from a digital artist. 

(What were you thinking?)

Last year, I entered Blue on the Horizon in the Wishing Shelf Book Award, and it was these words from a young judge that pushed me to make a change:

This [the cover] was by far the weakest part of the book. The young readers felt it was professional-looking and the lettering was simple to read, but they felt it did not represent the genre or the plot. One reader put, ‘The cover looks OK but I thought it was a travel book or, even worse, a romance. But it has nothing to do with trolls.’

I began to study book covers in my genre. The reader was right. My cover didn't look anything like the other book covers in magical fantasy. 

Branding is important to me, so I worked with the same artist who designed Cairn: A Dragon Memoir. She's wonderful and incredibly talented. Thank you Vanesa Garkova. I'll be contacting you again, but first I have a massive amount of work to do. 

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