Friday, October 24, 2014

In honor of the season

Mythology, Legend, Lore, Fable, Fairy Tale, they all spark an image in your brain, but they are hard to define. In honor of the season, be it Samhain, Harvest Festival, or All Hallows Eve, I've reduced the price of Cairn: A Dragon Memoir to 99 cents (USD). 

It's time to jump into the Legends of the Aurora trilogy. Each book is a complete story so don't hesitate to take advantage of this bedrock price.  

Imagine, for less than a cup of coffee, I promise you two distinct species of dragon, clever trolls, an annoying puffin, a defenseless baby deer, and a hauntingly beautiful Goddess you will never forget. But hurry. As soon as the last leaf hits the ground, this price will disappear.

Amazon/Goodread reviewer "Believer" says:
"Cairn A Dragon Memoir" is an exciting adventure that begins when Troika the legendary dragon with a twisted tail returns home to the lair with the trolkin Leaf. What he doesn't expect is two grisly murders and a dual of wills with the Topaz clan that will leave him in the untenable position of competing for Guardianship of Aurora an Elemental after the death of his grandfather.

The threads of the plot not only follow Troika's integration back into the Sapphire clan, his rise to Rex and his search for the killer of his father Hawk and Falcon, but also Leaf's journey of self-discovery as she becomes a mother to a young fawn and searches for a way to the Heart where she hopes Aurora will disclose her destiny. When the stories converge and you think you know who the killer is Rebecca Farrell Porter skilfully adds a further twist to the plot. With vivid description she brings to life a fantasy world with its troll legends, and dragon culture. In a society that's cold, tradition-oriented and layered in intrigue Troika faces lies, deceit, murder and greed. Like the shifting of the wind alliances change until the only one he can depend on is his friend Leaf.

I loved the spark of humour that Leaf and her motley gang of misfits like the puffin Bay add to the storyline. Even the romance brewing between Troika and the Anemone, a Topaz dragon lightens the dark mood ignited by greed and death. Magic seems to fuel a world where Leaf carries a bloodstone for invisibility and a loom weaves tapestries from Aurora's hair.

The characters are unforgettable and realistic especially Troika the "Promised One" of prophesy who finds his integration back into his dragon family filled with pitfalls and loneliness. Content in Elvsmyr with Leaf's family Gaven and Uredd, he suddenly finds himself struggling to contain his anger and insecurity. The Trolkin Leaf is a loyal friend who's fearless, stubborn and highly perceptive. Aurora's the Elemental who seems like an enigma, aloof and unknowable. Add to these captivating personalities the indomitable puffin Bay, the gentle fawn Fern, Troika's diplomatic, but iron-willed mother Wren and the volatile Sparrow. But it is the destructive behaviours of the cunning and bitter Pearl and the aggressive, tough but narrow-minded Quill that help build the intensity and suspense of a murder mystery as events unfold and tempers rise in the clans' bid for Guardianship.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the last leave broke free and fell to the ground in last night's windstorm. Nature is demanding and I must obey, but don't let a few extra pennies stop you from reading this beautiful look at the world through the eyes of a misfit dragon. 

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