Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Sexy Feast

Most visitors to Glacier National Park dream of spying grizzly bears, moose, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, maybe even wolf or mountain lion, but for those of us who focus on the macro, bagging the big one is easier.

I'm not saying that I didn't arrive with the same wish list as others, but as the days slipped away and still no large mammals appeared, I took pleasure in other creatures.

This little anica checkerspot stayed with me a long time. It flitted around while I snapped photos of the surrounding flowers with my young and eager dog clipped to my belt while my husband and our older dog sought sight lines to the snow covered peaks. 

Then the checkerspot was joined by this larger butterfly. 
I'm afraid that I  can't identify this one, but he was just as eager to hold still for my lens. What were they seeking? Sweet nectar from my photography subjects. The flowers compete for the insects, each sweeter than the other, and dripping with golden pollen. 
 Who says nature isn't sexy?

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