Sunday, June 16, 2013

I was invited ...

True to my bargain, I alternate the route
The evenings trail, partially hidden by brush,
Grapevine, and wild rose strangle off my passage,
But what are a few thorns ripping at my flesh; I was invited …

Under the willows, the dying sun gives way to the shade,
Gnats encircle my hot body, shrouding me in screaming roars
Turn back, there is nothing here for you, human
But what are the tiny shouts of angry bits of bug; I was invited …

Out into the dusk, the trail melts away           
Lost along the river, a shiver of panic attacks
Over here, Rebecca, we're just getting started
Never in danger, the trolls lead me to safety; I was invited …

Seated quietly on the muddy bank, the light, golden and fresh
First, a swoop then a buzz, the extraordinary show has begun
Blurry wings dart along the banks, scooping up mosquito and gnat
A nymph stands no chance against the dragonfly ballet; I was invited.
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