Sunday, June 16, 2013

A few heartbeats remain ...

I'm hearing really nice things, people love this story, and my characters practically walk off the page and into your heart.
The fun part for me? When I ask a reader, who is your favorite character? The answers are really revealing. There truly is something for everyone in this book, but why do I think that? Let me put it simply.
At some point in everyone's life, maybe even right now, we all experienced a hurtful word, an ugly snubbing, or an irrational bully. Everyone: from the coolest jock to the nerdiest young scientist; Blue on the Horizon speaks to that hurt, and in the end proves that to be weird, can be a wonderful thing.

Did you sleep through the weekend?
You can still be one of the growing village of troll fans.
It really is a worldwide phenomenon

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