Sunday, March 6, 2016

Story Behind the Photo, edition 2

I took this photo early on in my renewed interest in photography. When I look at it today, I see how it could be improved, but I still love the memories it invokes. Taken on the shore of Lake Superior, it reflects that cold, rocky beach in its wild state. This lonely stretch is called Bette Gris. It sits astride the eastern shore of that defiant finger jutting deep into the inland sea. This is my favorite part of upper Michigan. 

All along Superior lay huge chunks of driftwood and sea rounded stones, some as big as cars, but many, many more palm sized. Each stone is different, yet if you look hard enough, you can fit pair and trios that fit together perfectly. I love my stones, and I've given away nearly all my Superior stones. It must be time to go back. It's not so far away. 

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