Monday, March 7, 2016

Story Behind the Photo, edition three

Today's photos reflects one of those magical moments in the forest. This was taken on a hike in central Wisconsin. It was mid-morning, well past the time I normally find deer, and I even had the dog strapped to my waist (more on this exciting means of photographing the world in later posts). 

The hike circled a small lake and I was busy looking for mushrooms and such when I rounded a corner to this sight. Tasha, normally a huge barker was just as shocked as I was. She stamped her foot, the fawn stamped his foot, fawn's mom bounded off. I raised the camera. Fawn squeaked. Tasha growled. I snapped. 

Then it was over. A few crashing bounds, and the fawn and doe were gone. I could hear them moving along the shore for a long time, but only caught small flashes of brown. 

Adventures like this helped me create, Fern, the orphaned fawn in Cairn: A Dragon Memoir. Her mother lost to a dragon feast, Fern is too young to survive on her own, but then Leaf finds her and Fern's life changes. Drastically. For example, she learns to ride astride a dragon!

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