Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Nature as Inspiration

I have something special planned for you in the coming weeks. Last month, I traveled from my home in southern Wisconsin to western Montana and then on into the panhandle of Idaho. It was two weeks of relaxation. Well earned relaxation as the previous eight months had been filled with extreme pressures, both at work and at home as I wrote my second novel, Cairn: A Dragon Memoir.

I have more than one thousand photos to edit and more than a dozen blog posts to do, but I thought this might be a time to have some fun. So in that spirit, I'll be giving you a peek behind the curtain. As I work through my backlog of photo editing, and choose my best shots to share, I'll be slipping in short excerpts from my novels. After all, I find my inspiration in nature. Maybe seeing these passages with my photos will help you see the world through my eyes. Of course, I'll also be sharing the story of my Western Adventure with you. 

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