Monday, August 18, 2014

Be Not Afraid

My husband will disagree with me, but I am the more adventurous, by far. Glacier National Park is known around the world for many things, and the Going to the Sun Road is near the top of that list. It's something you must add to your bucket list, and we will get there on this blog adventure, but today, I've decided to bring you along as we travel the back roads of Glacier.

There are very few roads in the park, but with the dogs, we were banned from the trails. So we jumped in the mighty mini van and headed north. When the pavement gave way to washboard dirt, my husband gave me a sideways glance. "Oh, did I forget to tell you this road isn't paved?" I said as innocently as I could. He rolled his eyes, but he kept driving. 

We spent the day wondering the back roads. Few vehicles were out there, but meeting an oncoming fellow traveler was always a thrill. Occasional tiny pullouts are your only hope to avoid a collision, and we had to back up into one more than once. I was exhilarated. 

I had a goal: a remote campground deep in the northern tier of Glacier. I knew there was a lake, and I had read the views were spectacular, and we were not disappointed.

What is more fun then skipping stones? And the stones littering Glacier are made for skipping. Flat and smooth, tiny bits of mountain lay everywhere. 

And speaking of special stones, today's excerpt returns to Cairn: A Dragon Memoir and Leaf's struggle to accept her fate.
She knew she should move past her trollkin seasons and grow up, but until her true fate materialized, she remained rooted in place and chained to a false fate. She had discovered the secret locked inside the amber, except Leaf knew it had been an accidental discovery. From her earliest memories, she had played with stones. She would rub them against each other or anything handy. She called them her worry stones, but she never hung on to them for long. Only one rule applied: never bring a worry stone home because it carried all of her uncomfortable emotions. As the stone wore down, her feeling drifted away on the wind, and it had worked.
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