Monday, October 28, 2013

The Last Dandelion of Summer

Many of you know that I am nearing the end of a year long photography challenge. Each week, a new, randomly drawn category is chosen. Only 3 weeks remain, and while I'm so very proud of myself for sticking with this, I'm ready for it to be over.

Often the category frustrates. Autumn is leaving. the show over, and the earth is sleepy. This week I drew yellow. Where was this category with the trees were alive with color. Well, I did say this was a challenge. I'll find something.

Yellow, fades to Golden, deepens to Orange, and dies as brown.

The parade of leaves is always too fast, but I have no control.

But then, this. A goldenrod maintains its vigil over the river. Ah, yellow. You can still be found.

With my prize, I head home, and there right beside the driveway, a dandelion, pests in American yards, but I recall a story from my childhood.

My brother's roommate his freshman year in college was from Nigeria. Unable to visit home on the brief breaks from school, he would visit our home in Wisconsin. On his first visit, he was amazed by the beautiful, bright yellow flowers dotting each and every yard. The lowly dandelion, pest to homeowners, in the eyes of young man out of Africa, is beautiful.
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