Sunday, October 6, 2013

Autumn Is Messy

Autumn is messy. It doesn’t care that we  humans want a bright, crisp day with no wind and perfectly colored leaves. Autumn is messy.

Better to settle in and seek the prizes that the earth worked so hard to provide. Autumn is messy. The flowers are gone and seedpods have taken their place. Not as showy, but far more important. They are the work of the flower come to fruition. Autumn is messy.

The woods don’t care that we humans want a clean, dry path. Autumn is messy. The earth rains when it wants, and tosses obstacles in our path on a whim. No one can tell the earth what to do. Autumn is messy.

Battered leaves, drab colored pods, dead, standing trees, they are the prize to found when Autumn is messy, and I love it.

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