Saturday, April 13, 2013

Where have I been?

Hello Readers. I know, I’ve been neglecting you, but I have exciting news. Oton and the others have been filling me in on the history of Elvsmyr— the joy, the magic, and yes, the sorrow. Elvsmyr has seen it all.

I mean, you’re human… right? What’s your take on trolls? Do you think of them as dark, brooding oafs up to no good, or tiny, hard working and intelligent? Oh sure they stink, but I’ve found them to be witty, creative and kind. That’s right, I said it— kind.

I was wrong; Leaf wasn’t the one. She is fascinating to be sure, but her mother, Gaven, was the key to well, everything. Gaven hid from me for the first several trips to the river. To be fair, I don’t really blame her because she is different. She is smaller, and delicate with an intricate hairstyle full of complex knots and braids. But all of that is normal… if you’re a troll. Gaven has blue eyes, blue as a bright sunny day, but that’s nothing. Gaven is special, in many ways, but … that is for another time.

Gaven’s story is full of twists and a few dark corners. You will never forget this adventure. She really is quite, dare I say it, human.

Are you ready to learn her story? Blue on the Horizon is coming Mid-May 2013 as both an e-book and printed version on I’ll post a release date once it becomes available. You are going to love this story.
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