Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Clay, The Clay

It's been a cold,soggy spring this year. I've actually been worried that Elvsmyr had washed away in the floods we've been having, but I have to keep reminding myself that trolls are part of nature. They know what they're doing out there, even if as a modern human I can't relate. But news came this week that sent me out there. Smekk would want to know this. Clay Matthews: outside, linebacker has resigned with the Packers for a 5 year $66 million contract. While I can't begin to fathom that number of zeros, I am very happy he is staying.

I found them, busy as always, warm and dry at the cooking pit. It didn't take long to find Smekk. She was always at the center of young male attention.

"He's staying. The Clay will be back for 5 more seasons."

Smekk's eyes were glittering in the firelight. "Have the battles begun?"

"No, but this is the time of year when warriors choose their allegiance, and Clay has sworn to defend the Packers."

Just then, a wart-covered little fellow who I had never seen before tugged on the hem of my jeans. "Come back when the battles begin. Smekk has things to do here."

"Blade, don't be rude. Rebecca can visit whenever she wants. Besides, the festival isn't for another three moons. You can't tell me what to do."

He vibrated like a percolating coffee pot, but backed down to mighty Smekk. She obviously had him wrapped around her filthy little finger.

"Well, I thought you would like to know. I know I'm excited." With that I started back to the car. My feet were wet, the ground soft. I had relayed the message, but now had to plan a return trip to figure out what this festival was all about. Let's see 3 moons, that would be 87 nights if I was doing it right.
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