Saturday, June 13, 2015

A wonderfully written, fantastical dragon adventure.

A wonderfully written, fantastical dragon adventure. A SILVER medal winner and highly recommended. The Wishing Shelf Awards

With the feedback from the Wishing Shelf Book Award beginning with this line, I knew it was going to be good. Heck, I had already won a silver medal, it must be good. But when I read the following comments, I couldn't wipe the stupid grin off my face.

Cairn: A Dragon Memoir, Author: Rebecca Ferrell Porter Star Rating: 5 stars # of Readers: 30 

 'This was the best book I read for The Wishing Shelf Book Award. It was exciting and the dragon was cool. I liked the way there were mythical monsters in the story and I liked how complex the dragon was. Not just a lump of meat with wings.' Girl, aged 15

 'What a wonderful story. I'm not a big fantasy fan but this is amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every page. The story is good, the adventure is good but it is the delightful style of the narrative that I enjoyed the most. The author is blessed with the ability to mix adventure, original and inspiring characters and a hefty dollop of comedy.' Teacher, year 10

 'Anything with a dragon in it gets my vote. This was a lot of fun to read for the award. Plenty of mystery and plenty of dragon! Amazing cover too!' Boy, aged 14

 'A pretty complex plot here; the dragon is a worthy hero for this tale of fantasy and magic. The author works hard to keep the reader turning the page; the pacing is excellent as is the character and setting descriptions. I will now hunt out the first in the trilogy for my two lads. Very well done!' Parent
Stats Of the 30 readers: 30 would read another book by this author. 28 thought the cover was good or excellent. 21 thought the best part of the book was the plot. 9 felt the writing style was the best part. 

I'm blown away by the thoughts of both the teens and the adults. There really is something for everyone in this story. Why don't you find out what most appeals to you. I'd love to read your thoughts. 

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