Monday, June 8, 2015

A few kind words can make someone's day

As an author, I pour my emotions, both good and not so good, onto the page. It can be frightening to send a piece of my soul out into the world, but I continue to do so. I can never know how my books will affect people, but once in a while, a reader is so moved they take a few minutes to write a review. I love them all, the good and not so good. So far, Cairn: A Dragon Memoir is spurring far more love than disappointment. (4.4 stars)  I thought I'd share a few lines from recent reviews.

Rosie had this to say about the half-mad Bone Master:
And an example of Rebecca’s humour as spoken by the Bone Master (terrific name):
‘Well, grab a pebble and pelt my hide. The legend come to life has returned. I thought you were dead, a rotting corpse on some far away battlefield, but here you are, still wearing your bones.”

Tequila Rose had this to say:

Once again, Porter has created such a vivid and detailed world with these beautiful mythical creatures. I love Leaf even more in this book than I did the first. If you are a fantasy lover, especially a lover of dragons, then this book is for you.

Anonymous said:
Cairn is an amazing story that carries you away to a fantasy world where you can almost feel the breeze and smell the air. This story really makes you feel as though you're right there with them. Rebecca Ferrell Porter is an amazing writer and story teller. She has an amazing gift and an imagination that is beyond creative. I enjoyed book one of this series so much that I was concerned this book would pale in comparison. I couldn't have been more wrong.

It is apparent Ms. Porter has a gift for expression and the skill to weave wonderful phrases into vivid images. I love the dragon fantasy; the colorful interpretation and unique vision the author offers this universally loved subject matter, is quite charming.

The characters are unforgettable and realistic especially Troika the "Promised One" of prophesy who finds his integration back into his dragon family filled with pitfalls and loneliness. Content in Elvsmyr with Leaf's family Gaven and Uredd, he suddenly finds himself struggling to contain his anger and insecurity. The Trolkin Leaf is a loyal friend who's fearless, stubborn and highly perceptive. Aurora's the Elemental who seems like an enigma, aloof and unknowable. Add to these captivating personalities the indomitable puffin Bay, the gentle fawn Fern, Troika's diplomatic, but iron-willed mother Wren and the volatile Sparrow. But it is the destructive behaviours of the cunning and bitter Pearl and the aggressive, tough but narrow-minded Quill that help build the intensity and suspense of a murder mystery as events unfold and tempers rise in the clans' bid for Guardianship.

 I thought I had the mystery figured out, but was surprised at the end to find I was wrong. I realized I had missed a few important clues.

I have also received emails from my readers that make me tear up. While I don't feel it's proper to share them here, let's just say that when someone suffering tells me that my story allowed them to leave their reality for a few joyous hours, I melt. 

Have you read Cairn?
Don't you wonder what you're missing?

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