Saturday, January 24, 2015

Blooming in the Gloom

It's been a good day, and while I should put the laptop away to rest up for the flood of words I feel building as I type, I've decided to share something. 

I've reached the epiphany of my next book, but it's more than that. I've reached the epiphany of the Legends of the Aurora trilogy. The why of it all, and my character's acceptance of the truth behind it all. It did not come easy for her or me. 

This moment terrified me, stunted my imagination and trapped the words somewhere between my heart and the keyboard. Crafting a novel is a painful experience. Plenty of friends and aquaintances have told me they too, have a book they've been meaning to get to. At the risk of angering them, I say hogwash. There's no getting around to writing a novel. I never set out to do this, but something took hold of me, forced me to corral my dreams, and handcuffed me to the keyboard. Nothing about this is easy. So when fear took over me, I pushed it away, blamed my inattentive weekends on stress at work or a gloomy day or barking dogs or ... Well, you get the point. 

I've tried to write this pivotal point in the trilogy numerous times, but none of those lame attempts captured what I can see in my head. Over and over, I tried and failed, but today it all came together. It's still rough, but it's all there in first draft form. Everything finally makes sense. Inside I'm leaping through a field of flowers, their perfume wafting up my nose, my scampering passage releasing the pollen that coats my hair. Forgive me if I choose to keep the drapes closed. After all, winter still grips Wisconsin. 

But I have done it. The rest should come easier now. Hours and days and weeks stretch out before me, but it's okay now. I am revived with new energy. 
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