Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bernard's Big Adventure

It's a new year, and new thoughts are racing through my brain even as I trudge through the first draft of book three. In 2013, while writing Blue on the Horizon, I launched a year long photography challenge that was both educational (for me) and inspirational (for my writing style). During that challenge I learned to use, really use my DSLR. I'm now comfortable with just about any type of photography. Some I enjoy more, a few still allude me, but I actually know how to use the damn thing. That was 52 photos, a new one every week in a randomly chosen category. Useful for the learning process, but light on the fun side. 

Introducing my 2015 Photography Challenge

Meet Bernard Drake, Ducky to his friends. (He's the yellow one, Duh) Bernard and I are about to become close, real close. Check back regularly to follow Ducky's Grand Adventure. 

Today, he followed me to the office. He settled on the bookcase with Oliver the flying pig and Biscuit the mouse (he's the tiny one at Oliver's hip). Ducky waited calmly while I floated in a tsunami of paperwork, but he must have been bored. I know I was. 

Where will we go next?

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