Friday, April 11, 2014

What is it?

I love nature. I have spent countless hours studying the world just outside my door, but this morning I recorded something I have never seen before. 

Instead of turning left to go to work, I turned right. The sun was just about to break the horizon, and the dawn was gorgeous. So I rushed into a parking lot, parked, and took up position on a curb. What follows is not the best photography, but that is not the point of this posting. I want to know ... WHAT IS THAT?

Watch the bright orange spot move across the ground toward me. 

I remember seeing something strange through the lens, but I was focusing on getting the settings right. I never got there because that spot kept freaking me out. It was as if a tiny sun was rushing me. This all happened in less than 3 minutes. 

Could it be alpenglow? I thought that only happened in the mountains, and it does not normally take the form of a spot. It does not seem to be a sun dog because they appear in the sky. I have no idea what that spot is. Can anybody help? 

I was using a 35mm prime lens with a polarizing filter in place. 

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