Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sadness with a Tinge of Glee

I did it. I've posted my final photo! Oh, I'll be posting more as this virus called photography has no cure, but If you have visited my website, you already know that I have undertaken an insane year-long challenge to photograph a randomly chosen category each week. It's been hard, what with writing and publishing a book and starting another
during this same year, but it's been worth it.

I took this challenge to force the mysteries of the camera into my brain. I had bought a nice DSL and while I could manage a good photo, I struggled to remember how to use the dang thing. Not anymore, like my writing, it has become part of me. I can envision the photo even before removing the camera from the bag. My fingers glide across the settings, choosing what I need to make my vision become reality. It has worked, but I'm so very relieved it is over.

Passion drove me through the first half of the year. I would contemplate the category for hours, search the roadside as I drove here and there. Each shot a tiny story of its own. But as summer died away, I longed to focus on my writing. I persevered, and I so very happy I did.

I end the challenge a photographer. Not a hack, a real photographer who can feel my way through the world with a keen eye. It has helped my writing, saturated it with deeper images. The two passions meld together into the Legends of the Aurora.

Follow me, my vision is only just being to show itself to the world.

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