Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Reckoning

It's my birthday, and no, I'm going to say which one, but it a way to personally judge my progress toward my ultimate goals. What had I done to improve my skills, and grow as a human? So while I chomp down on my chocolate cupcake, sprinkle covered of course, here's my list.

  1. I completed a year-long photography challenge, and I can now say that I really do know how to use my camera effectively. It took tenacity to keep going especially after I felt I had already learned to use the camera well, but I stuck it out and now I can hold my head high and say I did it.
  2. I completed a refresher course on grammar and although it remains a difficult subject, I have a solid base under me.
  3. I completed a second writing course with Steve Alcorn, a wonderful mentor. His teaching always helps to tame my wild imagination, and my readers are the benefactor. His five star review of my work sure made my day.
  4. Along with the compassionate determination of my doctor, I finally determined what was causing my months long asthma flair. I know what to avoid to stay healthy. It feels like a miracle.
  5. I watched the sunset over the Mississippi, alone with my camera and thoughts. It was spiritual.
  6. I saw my fourth short story published in the Stoughton Press. Oton has taken me places I never dreamed existed.
  7. I set up and published my first website to highlight my many projects. Visit Gnarled Roots to check it out.
  8. I have finally unlocked the secret to orchid blooms. Want to know what it is? Ignore them, let them dry out, hell, call them bad names, but give them plenty of light. Both of my orchids have tiny flower stems jutting from their sides, again. It's going to be a colorful Christmas.
  9. I have fallen deeply in love with my old dog, again. He won't be around forever, and he means more to me than I can express without crying. I'm working hard to give him more of my time.
  10. I joined GoodReads, SheWrites and Support-a-Writer communities. It feels great to call myself a writer.
  11. My first book was accepted into The Wishing Shelf Book Award. School children in England are judging my book now, and I can't want to hear what they have to say.
  12. And about that book. I published my first novel in May. Blue on the Horizon is getting great reviews and I still can't believe it's mine.
  13. I'm more than half way through the first draft of book two. My dreams are filled with dragons and trolls and creatures without a name. I can't wait to share it with all of you.
  14. I donated a copy of Blue on the Horizon to my local library. I looked for it the other day, but couldn't find it. Makes me smile to think of Blue in some readers hands as she flips the pages, going along on the incredible adventure, and falling in love with Gaven, just as I did.
  15. I'm in a good place. I love writing, love dreaming up quirky characters and amazing adventures, and love knowing that you are reading this, right now.
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