Sunday, September 8, 2013

Packer Party, with visitors

It was bound to happen. Elvsmyr is a happening place. Trolls from all over the Midwest do trade at Venn’s trading post, well it’s called Venn’s, but Sila is in charge. At any rate, it was a Packer Sunday and I wrapped up my hiking vacation by preparing the garage for a troll party.

It’s very cloudy here today, but the trolls still need to be careful. Some are so small that a large housecat could easily dispatch them. Besides, they are terrorized by the barn cats that roam the edges of the marsh. Besides, I can’t have my neighbors knowing that my blog posts are not merely the product of a fertile imagination, could I.

During day games, the troll travel under the cover of the invisibility spell. Only Leaf and her mother, Gaven has such power so Leaf is always a part of the party. Something that makes me very happy because I have an affinity for the tiny trolless who looks nothing like the others.

It would seem that word has spread among the outlying villages. Even before the invisibility spell broke, I knew I was in for it. What was a gang of ten to twelve trolls has bloated to twenty-seven. I kid you not. Twenty-seven trolls strolled into my garage, and I didn’t know half of them. Worse, it was immediately clear that they were not all going to be Packer fans. I felt better when Leaf tugged on my shirt hem and pointed her mother out. “I couldn’t cast the spell large enough. I needed Mama’s help. You don’t mind, do you?” I smiled at her and nodded to Gaven. “Your mama is always welcome here, Leaf.” Gaven is so shy, but we became very close over the winter. Blue on the Horizon is her story. I’m still surprised that she trusted me enough to tell it.

My attention returned to the game. It was inevitable. The new trolls took to cheering for San Francisco while my friends stayed true to the green and gold. It was going to get interesting regardless of what happened on the field.

I was nervous. San Francisco has whipped us out last year in the playoffs, and I, like many Packer fans wanted revenge. No sooner had “the Clay” shown shall we say stick-to-it-a-ness by lunging after the SF quarterback, then the drama began in the garage. A troll named Drip shoved Pod, and a trolless named Snow kicked Smekk in the shin. I lunged at Smekk before she could retaliate. Nobody disses “the Clay” in Smekk’s presence. I just hoped the ruling would even things out when the on field squabble lead to offsetting penalties. Things settled down, but the fans were still split, just like any normal foot ball game.  

Halftime 21-21. It’s a new game out there. Jordy Nelson is on fire and our rookie Lacy is finding air with the strong legs. Suddenly, it’s the fourth quarter and the Pack takes the lead for the first time. The Clay is all over Kaepernick and messing with the SF QB’s mind. The new trolls have grown quiet, and I start to worry what will happen when it over, no matter who wins.

“Don’t worry Rebecca,” Gaven said. “We know how to handle this.”

I relax, but grow more and more anxious as the Packers start fold. Then Cobb gets us within range, but fails to get out of bounds. “NO,” the Elvsmyrians moan while the visitors roar with triumph. “Now, Mama,” Leaf  says. POP!

I run to the overhead door and hit open. I keep bumping into troll bodies, but shove them all outside. Suddenly, a head with long knotted hair hovers troll high off the driveway. “Stop it. If you don’t stop struggling, I’m going to pop the spell,” Gaven screams. The roar evaporates. “Okay, let’s get moving. The cooks will be starting the midnight meal and we don’t want to insult them by being late.”

Good old, Gaven, she is one smart trolless.

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