Friday, October 19, 2012

the truth about that goat thing-

What if every thing you thought you knew about trolls was wrong? Stay with me here.

What if the bad guy in that three billy goats gruff story was the goat? I mean have you ever seen a goat? I once visited a goat barn and I couldn't believe the stench. That is something I'll never get out of my brain, Goat = pushy, smelly, filthy beasts. Even at the zoo they mob small children stealing their ice cream.

After all the victor writes the history. Think about it.

Here's the truth. The troll in the story, he was mentally ill. Really I heard about it from Oton. His name was Bob and he got bit by a bat or something. Turned him coo-coo in the head. He got all weird and foamy at the mouth and hungry, really hungry. Poor Bob was out of his head and well, goats can be pretty tasty I hear.

Okay, so his name wasn't really Bob, but you couldn't pronounce his real name. And goats, well they are funny, but definitely smelly, I'm not moving an inch on that one.

No troll in his right mind lives alone under a bridge. They are social living in villages working, playing and playfully teasing each other. I'll prove it to you...

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