Thursday, October 18, 2012

It all started with that letter from the editor- looking for story ideas and photos, the quirkier the better- was she talking to me?I'd been working on improving my photography and immediately an idea popped into my head- & yes, it was quirky!

The Stoughton Press is a fun publication geared towards promoting my home town, Stoughton, Wisconsin. We have a great downtown full of artisits and a really cool historical district with gorgeous mansions. I'm new to town, and thought this might be a way to meet a few people.

My idea for this historic Norweigian town, TROLLS of course, but not just any trolls. I have totally reimaged the trolls who live outside Stoughton. The editor loved the idea and has run wild with the idea.
I was only going to take the photos, but she wanted more. What is his name? Where does he live? What does he want? I had thought we could hold a contest to name the troll, but she was right; he needed a name. Oton my tiny friend screamed, you can call me Oton. He has a secret troll name, but he doens't want the elders to know it is he who is reaching out the the human folk. However he is a talkative little dude so he told me I can share this much-
He lives in the troll village of Elvsmyr. Oton has introduced me to his many friends and they have told me who they are, how they got there, what they love, what they fear, and most of all that trolls are very misunderstood creatures.

Oton doesn't want to give too much away yet, but my little friends are anxious to try out this human invention- a blog.
Join me here to learn more about Oton and the others. They'd love to tell you more.
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