Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Blaze of Glory

I'm human, although I often wish I wasn't. Can't you see me as a dragon? Back away from the flame, Rebecca. Anyway, Autumn in Wisconsin is glorious this year, but it always a reminder of the deep freeze to come. (I'm so not looking forward to winter) However, this year autumn has been spectacular. 

Some year, the gush of golden glory comes and goes in a single week, but 2015 has seen a protracted autumn. I can't stop driving around to ogle.  

It's not all about the trees. It's often the details that catch my eye. 

There's symmetry in a milkweed pod that is there ... if you look for it. 

But my favorites are trees that slowly start one color only to soften into something darker, richer, more ... autumnal. 

Enjoy the season wherever you live. Here in Wisconsin the sweet smell of summer flowers is already a distant memory, but I'm relishing the final fireworks before the world turns gray and white. 

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