Saturday, May 9, 2015

Slipping Into the Mind of the Fairies

If you've read my earlier work (What! Why Not? Go to Amazon immediately and get started.)

Now, what was I saying ... oh yes, If you've read my earlier work, you watched as I pulled on the baggy skin of the trolls before peeling back the skin to expose my claws as I embodied the soul of the dragons. (I love thinking in dragon). Fans reach out to me all time with questions like: Where did that come from? Your dragons are so unique.

I wish I knew. 

The truth is, I've been spinning adventures my whole life. There's a lot going on between my ears, and none of it is boring. I can't help but feel empathy for the bird stubbornly refusing to abandon her eggs in a violent downpour, or imagine what that human (me) looks like to the chipmunk as he hides in his burrow. Some of that led me to the trolls and dragons, but it takes something more to think in dragon. 

I bring this up today, because I've had to leave my scaly, feathered friends and move on to the fairies. You'll note I have not been kind to the fae thus far in Legends of the Aurora. Many legends regarding fairies spin them as wicked, but give me time to spin the legend around to the why. Fairies started this mess, and I have to write everyone through it. But I think you can understand how hard it is for me to feel empathy for creatures I've reviled for 600 pages. 

Don't worry. I'm up to the challenge. It's just that I miss the dragons. So I bring them along to keep my company. In a big way. Can't wait to share book three, [working title ...] 

Drum Roll, please. 

Seeds of Madness

Prepare to be floored by the truth behind the legend.

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