Saturday, April 4, 2015

I'm Still in Shock

It's taken me three days to wipe the smirk off my face, but Cairn: A Dragon Memoir has been judged by teens in an English classroom as the Silver Medal winning entry in the 2014 Wishing Shelf Independent Book Award. I'm overwhelmed, or rather humbled by this honor. 

First, my designer wins a best of 2014 for her stunning interpretation of my concept (I give Vanesa Garkova 99% of the credit), and now this! In my wildest dreams, I thought maybe I could crow a bit about my Finalist achievement, but I never thought this would happen. 

Honestly, I know deep in my heart that Cairn is a wonderful story, a DAMN GOOD story, but now I have confirmation. 

To celebrate my award, I'm offering Cairn: A Dragon Memoir free on Amazon for the next 72 hours. All I ask is an honest review when you are done. If you think, "meh", deduct a few stars, if you hate it, grumble about it like a troll, but if you love it as others have, Crow as loudly as you can. Just write something as a review on Amazon.  

I want to know if you can solve the mystery before Troika becomes the next victim. Then cheer for the honeybees as they guard Aurora's secrets and jeer the killer whales as they plot revenge for ancient lies while you marvel at the wonders of a dragon culture unlike anything you've ever read before.

The best part, you can jump right in with Cairn. It's a complete story within the larger world of the Legends of the Aurora. Those teens in England hadn't read Blue on the Horizon, but I bet a few have gone back and ordered a copy, in fact, I'm sure they have. 

One last shout out to my competitors. Billy Bob Buttons, the mad brain behind these awards, very clearly said, 
"To all the finalists who did not get a winners medal, just to let you know it was very tight, particularly Category 3, 4(teen), 5 and 6. On a different day, the result might have been different, it was sooooooo close!" 

I guess it was just my day. Now, I must lower my head and start editing my next novel.

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