Sunday, July 27, 2014

Book Release!

I'm so very happy to announce 

Available on as both an eBook and a printed book. 

Cairn, returns my fans to Elvsmyr where we left our favorite trolls happy and free from the threat of the fairy swarms, but happy is a narrow path, one subject to disappearance. 

Every dragon dreams of entering the Cairn—but not as a murder victim.
Troika, the dragon with the twisted tail, is summoned home to the lair by a sweet and familiar voice. “Bring the trollkin known as Leaf to me or all will be lost,” she beckons. Except, Troika has already fulfilled his destiny, and he has no reason to risk his life, yet again. Still, nobody denies an Elemental, and certainly not a dragon of the Sapphire clan. But is she calling him home to die, or will he expose the brutal killer before he becomes the next victim?

Cairn: A Dragon Memoir penetrates the world of dragons, a society filled with smoke and lies where honorable wishes are warped by vague memories and unfathomable greed.
But Be Warned ... Because secrets hide in every crevice.

Cairn, continues with Stump's journey. We temporarily move from the trolls to the dragons in this offering, but never fear, the Legends of the Aurora series would never leave the trolls behind. Find out who joins Stump down this path as the mystery, and the stakes, deepen. 

I'm exhilarated, exhausted, and exposed as I put my hard fought words out to the public yet again, but if you enjoy my blog, you will love this mystery told as only the dragons could tell it. 

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