Sunday, January 5, 2014

Blanket Octopus

I've been bumming around on the internet today. Maybe I'm avoiding my writing, maybe I'm looking for inspiration, I'm never quite sure, but with a Green Bay Packer playoff game later today, I'm killing time. 

I rolled across this post by a writer friend. His subject: Blanket Octopus. I had never heard of these things, and believe me, they are weird supreme. 

The females are 40,000 times larger than the males, and when they manage to encounter one another, the male rips a tentacle that is packed with sperm from his body and hands it to the female. He drifts off to die. Talk about a need to breed. 

Anyway, if you check out the link below, you will see a video of a female. I can't decide if they remind me more of a mermaid to some sailor too long at see or a death eater from a Harry Potter movie. Crazy stuff out there if you go looking for it. 

Check this link to read more about them and to watch a creepy video. Tell me if you don't see what I see. (the first video has been removed, but the second one is what got me)

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