Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hoar Frost Adventure

As a loyal visitor to Troll Tails, you have been right there, riding on my shoulder and peering through the camera lens with me. I know that you enjoy my posts about my adventures in Wisconsin, but it isn’t all green leaves and flowers. Like most of the United States, we have transitioned to winter, and a winter far more intense than many.
My favorite photography haunt, Viking Park. Do you recognize it?
I peg it as November 18, 2013 when everything changed. It’s been bitterly cold, but strangely barren of most snow. To the north, south, east, and west, the snow has been pelting others, while we have been locked in the deep freeze. Finally, this past week, temperatures rose, but that brought the moisture, in the form of freezing rain. For more than a day, it fell. I knew I had to share the earth-made sculptures with you. After all, without the winter, I would not have my beloved Wisconsin forests. You should have a chance to share in it all.
My entry into a frozen world
Even the colorful berries are encased
And here the thistle.
Hoar frost is something you don't see everyday, or even every winter.
Smooth objects wear thorns of ice.
While truly spiky objects like this burdock seem strangely less threatening.
The last of the leaves glisten in the soft light of the day.
And here, the grass looks unnatural, even fake.
Then I saw it, flitting in the light breeze. The hoar frost coats everything ...
... even spider webs.

Now, go grab a hot cup of tea. Winter is just getting started.
Stay tuned. Things are changing quickly outside.

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