Sunday, July 14, 2013

This time, I hunt buds

I braved the clouds of mosquitoes this morning, just for you, my loyal reader. I wanted to be one of the first down the trail. Besides, who else would be this crazy? I had only seconds at each subject because even doused in bug juice; I was descended upon and mined for blood. But all the best photos can be found at the golden hour when the birds are still awake, active, and boisterous. Their melody welcomed me into their magic world, and I immediately felt at home. The bug bites will heal and I will return … again and again.
Of course, not all buds contain flowers. I have no idea what bug decorated this grapevine leaf.

On this walk, I focused on the promise locked inside of buds, but I'll hesitate for someone who poses just so. Never mind that he was very upset with me. I didn't linger, and left him to his business.
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