Sunday, May 12, 2013

Everyone has secrets ...

It's here, It's here!

Announcing the release of Blue on the Horizon as a an e-book on A printed version will soon follow, but it you're an e-book lover, surf on over to this link to take a look inside the book. It can be yours for just $1.99 in North America, and similar pricing around the globe.

Click here to find the book, available now in Amazon

Even if you would rather wait for the printed version, go on over to check out the first few pages. I'll post the release date of the printed version in the next few moons.

If you have enjoyed my blog, you are sure to gobble up the book. You will meet dozens of new trolls, and really get to know Leaf, Uredd and all the other personalities who inhabit the village along the river.

Everyone has secrets ...
The first in the Legends of the Aurora series, Blue on the Horizon reveals the truth about trolls. Far from brutish, most trolls are intelligent, humorous, and honorable. But there are others who are have less noble intentions.

Gaven was a happy trollkin—until that night at the learning circle. How could she have known her world was about to change? There would be no lessons, no friends—no acceptance. Instead, she becomes the target of relentless bullies, and that is only the beginning.

Desperate for friendship, she is lured down a dangerous path by someone with an unnatural interest in her survival. Just as she finds her place, her father reveals the truth about her … disfigurement. Disgusted, she resolves to leave, to shelter where hurtful taunts can not find her, but instead, the Fates intervene and she is caught up in a adventure she never wanted.

However, she will not be alone for long. Aided by two unlikely friends she undertakes an incredible journey, one which will reveal the truth.

You’ll laugh— and yes—cry along with Gaven as her story unfolds. Readers of all ages will enjoy this inventive tale all the way through to the stunning conclusion that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about trolls.
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